Help while travelling

Help while travelling

Night monkey, turtles and parrots in a wildlife market © NPCDo not buy wild animals. Buying these animals encourages the trade and stimulates the hunting of more animals. Do not buy them even out of pity. The only thing to do is to go to the local police and ask for them to confiscate the animal and take it to a rescue centre.

Do not buy animal products such as ivory, skins, hands, trophies, etc.  It is illegal to buy products on the endangered species list and cruel to the animals.

Do not pay for any activity which exploits wildlife such as having your photo taken with monkeys, riding elephants, visiting animal shows or sub-standard zoos and menageries.

Do not eat in restaurants that serve bushmeat or with animal skins hanging on the walls.

Whilst in the forest do not leave litter or disturb natural habitat. Don’t let guides hunt or catch animals or destroy plants for you. Enjoy nature without disturbing it.

© Arnon Dattner

Do not feed wild animals.

Speak your mind - say that you don’t like animal abuse and that it is illegal, explain to people that you consider the trade in wild animals wrong and this is why you don’t want to give money to such activities. Tourists have great influence on local perspectives and just speaking your mind can make a big difference.

Contact local governments and media whenever you have the chance to give your opinions and promote conservation.

Report people who exploit animals for money to the local police authority.

Visit rescue centres, give your time as a volunteer and donate generously, they need the help.



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