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Trends in Wildlife Hunting, Trade and Control

Our new publication, in the scientific journal Endangered Species Research, tells about the political ecology of wildlife trafficking and state attempts at control in Amazonas and San Martin. It details the results of 4 years of investigation recording all wildlife we found extracted from the wild and how it was used. Also, it looks at the work of the wildlife authorities and the problems they face. The results show that international schemes such as the IUCN Red List, CITES, the Biodiversity Hotspots, and even national laws, do not offer sufficient protection to the habitats or species they are aimed to protect because local and regional politics override them. Therefore, the article suggests that increasing small scale projects with strong presence on the ground is the best way to fight illegal wildlife trade. A suggestion we are obviously following in our work in northeastern Peru. To see this and our other publications click here.  

 Wawan, an infant yellow tailed woolly monkey rescued by NPC/ Photo: Noga Shanee



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