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“This Is How We See It” was presented in Lima

'This is how we see it'. Photo: karla RamirezOn the 10th of February was the first Chaski Festival in Lima. A festival was organized by the group ‘The Spoon Revolution’ ( seeking to bring together all movements, organizations and groups that care for the environment. It was an informative event explaining to the people of Lima what they can do in order to help the environment, including changing their own eating habits and local and national volunteering opportunities.

During this event we presented the participatory video for conservation "This Is How We See It" ( NPC volunteer Karla Ramirez, developed this project as her own research thesis in the villages of Bagazan and Ricardo Palma, located in the province of Mariscal Cáceres, San Martin. This work is based on an innovative and effective method for environmental education. It allows local people to express through film views on their surrounding biodiversity and its relations to their own livelihoods. By preparing and showing these videos to their communities and neighbours, they learn basic concepts of biodiversity and conservation, and have a chance to observe and relate to its significance to their own lives.

During the first exhibition of the project in Lima Karla presented two of the six films. The event was especially exiting as it was also attended by Joel Pizango, a villager from Bagazan who shared his experience as a creator and director of one of the short films. Karla continues to present these films nationally to let more people understand the importance of conservation efforts that local communities like Ricardo Palma and Bagazan are making to protect their own environment. Both communities where recently awarded the right to manage their own conservation concessions which together protect more than 7,000 ha of forest, habitat of the endemic and Critically Endangered San Matrin titi monkey. 

Joel Pizango presenting 'This is how we see it'. Photo: Karla Ramirez



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