What can you do to save primates and forests?

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Protected areas

The process of creating protected areas in Peru includes biological and socioeconomic investigations; elaboration of a detailed proposal; repeated coordination with authorities; in the case of Conservation Concessions, publication of the project in government and national newspapers and in the respective municipality for a month each to allow objections; after the creation, elaboration of yearly reports.

To help with the creation and maintenance of these areas you are invited to “adopt a reserve”:

  • All proceeds from your donation will go directly towards work involved in making a reserve such as:
  • Organising expeditions with experts for biological inventories
  • Administration costs for registry with the government
  • Printing of signs to indicate protected areas
  • Maintenance of local tree nurseries for reforestation
  • Salaries for forest guards and local guides
 Or visit the reserves: 100% of the income generated by tourism goes directly to the communities!
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