Pampa del Burro Private Conservation Area, Amazonas

Members of the Yambrasbamba community voted in 2012 to conserve an area of the community known as the “Pampa del Burro” - forever! La Esperanza, where our Peru office is located, is part of the community of Yambrasbamba, and this decision is a result of a long process of conservation education and awareness that we have been doing with the community. In the vote, community members had to choose how many years they wanted to register their reserve for, with a legal minimum of 10 years and no maximum. Without much hesitation they all voted for the maximum, showing their high enthusiasm with the idea of conservation. The community is now in the process of making more conservation areas within its limits.

Long Whiskered owlet @Robert Martin

The area, which covers 2,777 ha, includes two kinds of habitat; white sand forest and cloud forest.  Both are very special habitats, home to many different species of endemic and endangered wildlife. This is the habitat of the yellow tailed woolly monkey (Lagothrix flavicauda), Andean night monkey (Aotus miconax), white bellied spider monkey (Ateles Belzebuth), and white fronted capuchin (Cebus albifrons).


The reserve was officially registered in June 2013 by Ministerial Resolution 208-2013-MINAM.

More information about visiting Yambrasbamba community and the different communal reserves can be found here.


Pampa del Burro


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